The latest E-commerce facts about shopper behaviour!

We like the very interesting + useful Ecommerce factoids and commentaries from digital agency Blueleaf.
So we thought we would share the learnings contained. If you would like to see the remainder of the series, you can sign-up to Gossip.

1. Shoppers spend 30% more per order, when free shipping is included.

Source: Wharton

UX Director Chris Jones explains, ‘Take a long, hard look at your shipping costs. Could you trial free shipping to see if there’s an uplift in sales that would more than cover the cost? Do you at least offer free shipping over a certain basket amount? It’s something that customers feel very strongly about, especially on high value orders’.

2. When browsing a fashion retail website 47.1% of people want lots of product; the more the better.

Source: Drapers

Managing Director, Rob Smith recommends, ‘Large selections of product make the purchase feel more individual and more of a personal choice. Beware the paradox of choice though, too many red dresses and people begin to over-analyse the nuances of a large selection and don’t check out fast’.

3. 31% of people visit a store prior to making an online purchase.

Source: Radware

Head of Strategy, Jonathon Palmer says, ‘Customer’s shopping behaviour has changed dramatically over the last few years. Many online-only retailers are investing in physical stores so people can actually touch their products and connect with their brand. Simple measures can make a difference, like equipping store staff with tablets and ensuring they’re trained to make each possible sale happen, either then and there or at some point later online’.

4. Christmas shopping on mobile devices grew by a massive 138% last year.

Source: Internet Retailing

Managing Director, Rob Smith says,’Mobile shopping is increasing all the time. Each Christmas creates a surge as it’s such a busy time of year and also a time when a lot of devises get swapped. Phones now have better screens and therefore, create a better shopping experience’.

5. The average online shopper makes 6.2 visits to a company’s website, using 2.6 devices, before they buy.

Source: Radware

UX Director, Chris Jones says, ‘Understanding customer journeys and creating a site that caters for each stage is key. Knowing if your customers are more inclined to use certain devices at each stage us also essential when considering user experience. For example, do customers use a table when they’re looking for inspiration, a mobile whilst in-store and then purchase on a desktop device?’.

6. According to research consumers are 62% more likely to do business with you after they’ve seen a positive review.

Source: Trustpilot

Managing Director, Rob Smith says, ‘Reviews are an essential mechanic of modern retail shopping – expect their in-store to explode in the coming 12 months’.

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